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Green Shoes


Here is a sneak preview of my current exhibition, ‘The Meaning’ at SCAT (Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology), my old art college in leafy Shropshire. The show is formed of 11 screen prints each of which was born out my sketchbook, where I play with drawing and found collage.

This is the first public outing of the series, so many thanks to the guys at SCAT for inviting me back and giving me the opportunity to release it into the wild.







Over the last few years I have worked in a few different supermarkets and cafes. Secretly I sketch the customers on till roll when no one is looking.  See more of my secret shopper sketches here

Here is a little tomato I found on my walk to work. Everyday he got a little closer to tomato heaven. RIP little tomato.

Logo design commissioned by the opera cabaret act, Riding the Valkyrie .

Catch them in and around London this spring:

31st March, 3k Cabaret, London:

6th April, Proud Camden, Carnie Ville, London:

21st April, Proud Brighton Ballroom:

28th April, Whitby Goth Weekend:

(Psst…I didn’t take this photo, so I can’t take the credit! I’m not sure who did exactly, but isn’t it nice anyway!

Here are some designs for garments (or rather packaging) for MNSTR and Amelia.  These are just initial ideas that will require some more development before I begin to make them into physical pieces.

The images and text on each design are in some respects more important than any exquisite, advanced or complicated tailoring. As I am by no means an expert seamstress, I would like to print the designs onto resistant materials, associated more with the packaging of food and other everyday, domestic products such as paper, card, cellophane, polythene and stiff plastic.

Much like the posters I make, which advertise events and products, the garments will act as packaging, advertising the contents and products, MNSTR and Amelia. I will need to work hard on developing paper crafting techniques so as to fit the print-outs onto and around MNSTR’s and Amelia’s bodies. The garments should be easy to assemble, use simple folds and joins, so as to create striking, boxy forms like that of packaging.

I would like to make some of the elements of the designs into accessories such as badges, pendants, lockets, medals, tags, crowns, sashes, shields, umbrellas, foot wear, gloves, sleeves.

Here are some of the things I found on the ground this year so far. I wonder where these things are now. On someone’s mantle-piece I hope. Click here on this techno-jungle code to see all the other things I found on the ground

This week I’ve mainly been making weirdo collages out of Marilyn Monroe’s and thMNSTR’s faces.

ThMNSTR is pretty obsessed with Marilyn (I’m not so sure how she feels about our MNSTR though), so I thought I should play God and turn thMNSTR into Marilyn. I made a start this week by cutting up photocopies of their faces and bodies and then rearranging the parts into a Marilyn-Mnstr Mr Potato Head mash-up.  I used photos of them both at different ages, with different hair and makeup styles, poses and stages of glam.

I think I will be doing some more with these MarilynMnstrs over the next few weeks – fun, fun, fun!

I hoard a lot of stuff, especially photocopies of things, (people, tower blocks and nice typography). I thought I had better do something with all of this papery stuff rather than just letting it mound up all over my room and played around with collaging on small cigarette box-sized blocks of wood.

I usually work in a sketchbook. I love my sketchbooks, they give me the opportunity to ‘play’ without having to worry about how polished or fancy the compositions look. However, the sketchbook is a very safe place to exist in: you don’t feel so exposed as when you paint on canvas or make sculpture. It’s easy to remain insular in the sketchbook and cower  away from judgmental eyes. I felt it would be a good idea to use the collage as a way to help break my dirty sketchbook habits. By pasting the photocopies on little wooden blocks, it forced me to think in a more three-dimensional way.

The blocks can be rearranged to create different compositions and stories. They can also be built up like weirdo wooden Lego to make characters.

At the moment these are only sketches and examples of me just playing about in the studio (hence them looking a bit rubbishy and not so posh), but I intend on taking this idea of interactive/interchangeable story-making further.