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Mr MNSTR made a beautiful little sketchbook for me a couple of years ago. I only just got round to filling it up with lots of gubbins. Have a closer look-see here


Over the last few years I have worked in a few different supermarkets and cafes. Secretly I sketch the customers on till roll when no one is looking.  See more of my secret shopper sketches here

Here’s an OrangeBin vs MNSTR – I suppose you’d call it a joint, or something like that. I made the drawing and MNSTR coloured it.

This is the original drawing before MNSTR added the magic.

Sketchbook drawing. I think it’s of a silent movie film star. Louise Brooks perhaps.

Sketches for the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next book cover.


This book combines text written by fellow artist and friend Olly (MNSTR) with my own photography. The text is taken from a Skype conversation we had about his experience of living under an alias. Accompanying the text are photos of him as his various identities. See the whole book here:

(if the text is a bit fuzzy and difficult to read, you may need to change the quality settings to 720pHD).

Thankyou Olly.

Here are some sketches of the lovely Ms Amelia Stone . They’re only sketches, so they aint perfect. I may do something more ‘proper’ with them one day.

Here’s Ginge. She’s a bit rough around the edges, but she’ll do for a quick mess around in Photoshop.