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Series of limited edition screen-printed posters.

My hairdresser, Hayley commissioned me to redesign the chalk boards at her beautiful salon, the Maypole Hair Gallery at Cefn Mawr near to Wrexham. She wanted a bright and colourful design for each of the boards with illustrations, price lists and information about treatments.

The Posca chalk markers worked beautifully on the black board and the colours were much more vibrant than chalks. This was the first time I had done anything quite like this and of this scale in front of the public before, so I was pretty anxious. The boards were fixed high up on the walls, so I had to work from a step ladder –  my body and brain didn’t take too kindly to this at all! Despite my wobbles, I didn’t fall off the ladder and managed to get all three boards glammed up in a couple of days.

Check out Hayley’s hair skills here and get on down to her little Maypole in North Wales.

Here is my submission for the Art Moves billboard competition.  The competition entries should  represent the slogan “Where is the meaning? At the top or at the bottom?”.  Art Moves are a dead interesting group of artists who exhibit billboard art in Poland and the UK. Check them out at

Commissioned poster for an interesting evening of cultural wot-not.

Here is my flier design for Helen ‘Fired Contemporary Glass’ Davies’s forthcoming arty crafty fairs. Come on down to Warrington and see what hand-made lovelies you may find!

Yummmm…lots of lovely artsy gubbins available to all you folk! Come, come to Warrington!

Wow! How time flies! It’s been a year since the very first People’s Vinyl Collective. Welldone Neil, Tom and all you groovy DJs for keeping it rocking.

Here is a big new orangey poster for my forthcoming big new orangey website! Hopefully, give it a couple of days, and the site will be running!