Here are some designs for garments (or rather packaging) for MNSTR and Amelia.  These are just initial ideas that will require some more development before I begin to make them into physical pieces.

The images and text on each design are in some respects more important than any exquisite, advanced or complicated tailoring. As I am by no means an expert seamstress, I would like to print the designs onto resistant materials, associated more with the packaging of food and other everyday, domestic products such as paper, card, cellophane, polythene and stiff plastic.

Much like the posters I make, which advertise events and products, the garments will act as packaging, advertising the contents and products, MNSTR and Amelia. I will need to work hard on developing paper crafting techniques so as to fit the print-outs onto and around MNSTR’s and Amelia’s bodies. The garments should be easy to assemble, use simple folds and joins, so as to create striking, boxy forms like that of packaging.

I would like to make some of the elements of the designs into accessories such as badges, pendants, lockets, medals, tags, crowns, sashes, shields, umbrellas, foot wear, gloves, sleeves.