I hoard a lot of stuff, especially photocopies of things, (people, tower blocks and nice typography). I thought I had better do something with all of this papery stuff rather than just letting it mound up all over my room and played around with collaging on small cigarette box-sized blocks of wood.

I usually work in a sketchbook. I love my sketchbooks, they give me the opportunity to ‘play’ without having to worry about how polished or fancy the compositions look. However, the sketchbook is a very safe place to exist in: you don’t feel so exposed as when you paint on canvas or make sculpture. It’s easy to remain insular in the sketchbook and cower  away from judgmental eyes. I felt it would be a good idea to use the collage as a way to help break my dirty sketchbook habits. By pasting the photocopies on little wooden blocks, it forced me to think in a more three-dimensional way.

The blocks can be rearranged to create different compositions and stories. They can also be built up like weirdo wooden Lego to make characters.

At the moment these are only sketches and examples of me just playing about in the studio (hence them looking a bit rubbishy and not so posh), but I intend on taking this idea of interactive/interchangeable story-making further.